In the Shadow of the Vampyre Mystery Program Kit

Mysterious FUN!

Mystery Program Kit for youth-serving adults. Contains everything needed to include teens in grades 6-9 in an interactive mystery program.

Mysterious FUN!
NEW mystery kit for your teens for the Summer of 2012:
Could she be the victim of a terrible accident?
But what about the bite marks on her throat?
The setting is at a teen comics convention, so you can encourage your teens to come in costume.
48 pages (PDF format) includes all instructions to plan and produce a mystery night for you teens in grades 6-9. Teens hunt for clues and investigate suspects to solve the mystery.
The basics are given to you, but there is plenty of room for your own creativity and for participation by older teens or other volunteers. Get your teens on the case now!

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21.74MB PDF Download

USD 30.00

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