The Pharaoh's Curse Teen Mystery Program Kit

Mysterious Fun!

A kit providing everything to host an interactive mystery program for teens in grades 6-9

"She was Queen of the Nile at her high school prom before the accident....or was it attempted murder?"

The Pharaoh's Curse is a kit of materials that allow youth-serving adults to put on an interactive mystery program for teens in grades 6-9. Teens must search the 3 Evidence Scenes you create to find clues and must learn about the possible suspects before putting it all together to solve the mystery. This can be done simply with the black-and-white materials provided, or you can "enhance" clues to make them more realistic. Instructions for planning the mystery and guiding your players through it are provided. Here are the basics - where will your creativity take it?

The Anyone's Guess Mystery Kits have been used in libraries and schools across the U.S. Now available in PDF format for immediate download.

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